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R.E.G. Artists - Tony TNT Jones - Bass Player, E.L. Williams - Vocalist, Leroy-Shubaby-Schuler - Keyboard Player, Ricky K. Scott - Vocalist, Leejay Magic - Keyboard Player, Wisdom Stick - Self Contained Band,Dr.John. and Hose Brackten - Vocalist


     Tony TNT Jones - a talented bassist, composer, producer, vocalist, and arranger who formerly was the musical director for the R&B legendary vocal group Sister Sledge.  He got the name TNT while touring with Sister Sledge during 1985 thru 1997. Tony TNT Jones is a musical veteran and educator who is committed to broadening the musical experience and knowledge base with his students of all ages.  He has traveled the world performing and recording with some of the most outstanding Jazz and R&B great superstars. 

     The list includes such artists' as Nina Simone, Grover Washington, Jr., Norman Connors, Jean Carne/Michael Henderson, Angela Bofield, Eartha Kitt, Esther Phillips, Sister Sledge,Sonny Stitt, Eddie Cleanhead Vinson, Taj Mahal, Buddy Guy, Larry Coryell, Big Mama Thornton, Ali Woodson/The Temptations, Tom Brown, Ronnie Laws, Edwin Hawkins Tri State Mass Choir, Pharoah Sanders, Pacquito D'Riveria, Billy Paul, Edwin Starr, Freda Payne, Martha Reeves and many more. Tony TNT Jones has produced two new CD's entitled "Beyond A Dream" and "Istanbul Party". Tony TNT Jones is also a participating artist on R.E.G.'s Various Artists' "Jazzin' It" Series Volume 1 compilation record sampler project.

      Leroy-Shubaby-Schuler - is an awesome keyboardist, composer, producer, & arranger. He composed, produced, and arranged the billboard hit “I’d Rather Be By Myself” sung by David EBO, “Ready For Love”, and "Who Said It Was" sung by Esther Williams.  Leroy-Shubaby-Schuler  traveled the world as a keyboardist and music director for some of Philadelphia’s most famous mega stars and singing groups. He also scored three independent films, “Temptation At Midnight (1998), “Life Isn’t Easy” (2007), and “Happy Holidaze” (2009).  Leroy-Shubaby-Schuler is also the founder and executive director of the American Musicians’ Resources Network, Inc. a Philadelphia based corporation. 

     Schuler's creative keyboard arrangements can be found on "Free Style", "Forty Percent", and "Jack The Rapper".  Schuler wrote the tune "Jack The Rapper" in honor of the late radio personality Jack Gibson, who was known as "Jack The Rapper". and a major influence in the Florida market. . Jack Gibson created a national annual music business convention which had a major impact upon the music business and provided entertainment industry professionals the opportunity to network, showcase their roster of artists', promote their new releases to radio station executives, to discuss the trends and politics of the industry, and to have access to distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. 

      Wisdom Stick - is a self contained band. The band members are Henri McMillian: (trumpet), Steve Sampson: (trombone), featuring composer and producer Tony TNT Jones: (bass), and Jeff West: (keys). This group of talented musicians came together to produce and perform the funk in Jazz. The tune Wisdom Stick definitely strikes the chords for that funk flavor and the lyrical content let's the listener know exactly who this band is.

       Leejay Thomas - is better known as Leejay Magic.  Leejay Magic, composer, producer, and engineer plays the keys sax, guitar, and clarinet,  Leejay Magic started playing music early in life and was led to play keyboards and then performing and playing in church he picked up on producing inspirational music with his sax and clarinet.  He brought his talent and skill to the jazz arena and has previously performed with Blue Magic, The People's Choice, and Little Joe Cook. The tune "Go For It" has that smooth jazz feel while Brass Work 59 gives the listener that sassy rhythm of New Orleans .

        E. L. Williams - is considered the "Vocal Stylist".  He is bringing his smooth baritone vocals on this debut EP entitled, "Where Sin Met The Blood".  This body of work creatively demonstrates Williams ability to  utilize pop and semi-classical expression on these sacred songs.  Williams definitely has his own unique sound yet he croons with a similar smoothness like Ed Ames, Rodger Whitaker, and the late Nat King Cole.  Williams has performed with acappella group Deep Penetration and, later in his career he performed with the R&B vocal group Page Five.

        Williams performance on "Where Sin Met The Blood" is simply outstanding . Each of the six ballads are written or co-written by Mark Hawkins, who employs melodies from Russian composer  Vladimir Vorobyov for two of the selections.  Vorobyov's plaintive soul imbues "Only God Can, Only God Will" and "My Love, My Lord" with something you don't hear everyday - worship songs in a minor key - but they work because of Williams's thoughtful interpretation.  Williams's robust voice and the orchestration flourishes with emotional and spiritual impact. Such flourishes can be heard prominently on "Magnify Thy Name" and "Son of God, Son of Man".

       Ricky K. Scott - a soulful vocalist that has the rich gospel gut feeling and freshness on the tunes "Georgia On My" and "Try A Little Tenderness", both tunes carry that rich full big band sound.  Ricky K. Scott has been singing most of his life and his original style is about to make a major statement. Ricky K. Scott will be appearing on the up coming next 2 R.E.G. compilation record samplers entitled "Authentic Rhythm" and "Holiday Greetings"

       Dr. John Taylor - performing artist, producer, and composer is a Philadelphia native who produced his new debut CD entitled "Honorable".  He has been producing and performing since 1997. He is no longer performing as the artist "Jay Billin", Dr. John has dedicated his music and life to Jesus Christ. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Methodist College, his Masters of Education degree from Virginia, and a Doctorate degree of Divinity from United Ministries Seminary.

He served eleven (11) years in the United States Marine Corps. Yet, music is still his first passion. He can play piano, engineer, produce, and mix his own sound. His unique sound is found on this debut project "Honorable". The tunes that is catching the ears of his listeners is "Uplift", Victory, and Zero Tolerance (No Bully Anthem) featuring David Taylor.