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Roebuck Entertainment Group, LLC






The Roebuck Entertainment Group, LLC (R.E.G.) is a progressive digital label producing compilation record samplers, EP's, and singles for today's global music marketplace. R.E.G. was formulated and designed to function as a clearinghouse for creative artists, producers, songwriters, and arrangers. R.E.G is a solid gateway to the global market with its audio/visual content which expresses the true essence and mirrors the visions of these talented creative contributors.

It all started with the dynamic group of Leroy Roebuck, Dee Wellmon, Demetrius Roebuck, Maria Lozada, and Shakur Robinson who decided to take an active role in supporting the creative and performing arts by manufacturing, producing, and publishing music, short films, music videos, and entertainment magazines.  R.E.G. plans to take the Philly, Latin, and West Coast Sound to the next level of musical greatness.  Leroy Roebuck, founder of Roebuck Entertainment Group, LLC (R.E.G.) believes every artist deserves an opportunity to present their creative work to the world.  R.E.G. is the place where an artist can get that opportunity when they are ready to make the appropriate effort.

Leroy Roebuck, record label owner, composer, publisher, and artist manager is still selecting awesome talent for his company R.E.G.  Roebuck formerly, artist manager for the hit male vocal group "Monday After" has worked with music veteran John "The Monster" Davis producer/arranger who produced and composed the hit tune  for "Monday After" entitled "Love Is Like A Merry Go Round" . Roebuck has also worked with Larry Gold, Vince Montana, Morris Bailey, Norman Harris, and Milton Tennet and many others throughout his career.

Dee Wellmon, music business educator, composer, branding/marketing analyst, artist management consultant, author, and event producer is bringing her vast knowledge and experience to R.E.G. to increase it's market and distribution outlets for the R.E.G. product line. Her expertise is in international entertainment business negotiations, record company operations, artist packaging/artist management consulting, event production/planning, and music business educational development. She is the owner of "Ragin' Rhythms Connections, LLC" which provides artist management consulting services and produces the "Ragin Rhythms Connection Internet Radio/TV Network. The network provides artists' interviews, publicity highlights, and upcoming release date news on these artists' new music and any other products while increasing their popularity rate index.

She is also the Founder/CEO of the Global Entertainment Media Arts (G.E.M.A.) Foundation -www.thegemafoundation.org which preserves the educational, musical, and cultural arts of America. The G.E.M.A. Foundation has honored more than 128 educational, musical, & cultural art contributors in the last 5 years. These contributors have received the "Golden Mic Honors Tribute Award" which is given at The G.E.M.A. Awards event. The G.E.M.A. Foundation also provides scholarship assistance to students 13-17 years of age and gives community support through the Entertainment Industry Career Developers (E.I.C.D.) educational program.

Maria Lozada, photographer, videographer, and editor has brought greater meaning to R.E.G. 's visuals which will be seen in the future music videos, artist interviews, and concert performances. Her former photography and videography credits include working with Ragin' Rhythms Connection, LLC., the former Mayor of Yeadon-Honorable Mayor Hepkins, Honorable Philadelphia Councilman David Oh, Bishop Carolina Harris-Yeadon City Council President, Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz & Performing Arts, Rhythm & Blues Foundation, Chicken Bone Beach Non-Profit Organization, Mann Music Center, Dell Music Center, and The G.E.M.A. Foundation.

Her creative body of work will be seen in the upcoming electronic magazines "The Alfa Report" and "Authentic Rhythm" which will be released early in 2020; published and produced by R.E.G. 

Demetrius Roebuck, graphic designer, construction designer, and visual artist has a unique skill set for designing the right multimedia visions for R.E.G.  His talents can also be seen in various new home construction sites throughout Philadelphia. His work can also be seen on a number of items in the R.E.G. musical product line, staging, and home improvement products. Demetrius has a true eye for detail and for bringing a colorful design to any space,

Shakur Robinson, a community organizer, youth counselor, artist manager, master barber, educator and surgical technician whose interest in community affairs started early in his life. Robinson and several other concerned citizens developed and organized the Community Patrol after an outbreak of rioting in the North Philadelphia Community. In the early 1980's he became more involved with youth counseling while advocating youth education and recreation. Robinson's commitment to help one, teach one led him to the music industry, where he managed a male vocal group called "Pure Silk" and helped these young guys advance more rapidly in the music industry.

Robinson took his skill of consumer relations and negotiating to the formerly famous Black Music Association (BMA) under the leadership of George Ware, Executive Director of the National major trade organization.  As a valued staff member of the BMA, Robinson and Executive Director Ware created Universal World Music Inc. which produced the initial RAP Expo and the Journal of Rap, a quarterly publication featuring RAP artist interviews, news highlights, and new music releases including RAP music charts.

The BMA conference was held in Washington, D.C. in 1984, this date is a milestone for black music history. The theme of the conference at that time was "The Politics & Economics of Black Music".  Congress allowed several artists' to testify on Capitol Hill regarding their experiences, artist royalties, and treatment received by their record labels. This conference created a major change in the culture of the music industry on a national scale. Media coverage of this event also influenced the international market regarding black music and opened additional doors of opportunity for this genre of music.